Monday, 30 April 2012

Glasgow Council Elections 2012 - Biodiversity & Open Spaces

In a few days the polls open for the council elections and the final topic in my green round up is biodiversity and open spaces. Parks and gardens are an essential part of any large city, they are the lungs bringing a breath of fresh air and give people space to relax, exercise or just escape the bustle. Despite being an urban council, or perhaps because of it, Glasgow is well endowed with public open spaces ranging on scale, from small local play parks to large areas such as Pollock Park, and in form, from the well manicured Botanical Gardens or Kelvingrove Park to the wild and windswept semi-wilderness at Robroyston Park and Cardowan Moss. There is much to be proud of but there is room for improvement, such as the North Kelvin Meadows.

So what policies do the parties propose to improve mobility around the city and improve the air quality?

Scottish Labour Party (currently have 39/79 seats)
Labour will clear derelict land and convert it to green space - something they have went to great lengths to prevent in the past - and will support community run facilities, except in Maryhill. They will also revamp George Square, which they previously tarmaced over.

Scottish Nationalist Party (currently have 20/79 seats)
The SNP are sympathetic to proposals to allow parts of parks to become managed wild areas, to encourage biodiversity in flora and fauna. They will promote wild-seeding of unused and derelict land in the city to help maintain and restore ecological balance.

Glasgow First (currently have 6/79 seats, rebel group of former Labour members)

Scottish Liberal Democrats (currently have 6/79 seats)

The Lib-Dems will protect Glasgow’s parks and green spaces from unsuitable developments and will identify waste land to turn into allotments and community gardens. They will also work with local primary schools to ensure all children can have access to gardens and allotments to learn about healthy, locally grown food.

Scottish Green Party (currently have 5/79 seats) 
Surprisingly there is no mention of biodiversity in the Green Party manifesto for Glasgow and the only mention of parks is in reference to past achievements. The one related proposal is to provide every school with an allotment. Our school has one already, thanks to the volunteer efforts of parents, and the children love it.

Scottish Conservative and Unionist (currently have 1/79 seats)
The conservatives promise to protect green spaces and parks and prevent them from being sold off. That's all.

Scottish Socialist Party (No seats in current council)
The SSP have made no mention of these issues.

UK Independence Party (No seats in current council)
UKIP have made no mention of these issues.

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