Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Polmadie Waste Incinerator - Update

Following Glasgow City Council's approval of the Polmadie waste incinerator, I have received the following update from GAIN - Glasgow Alternatives to INcineration:
The Following Councillors voted in favour of an Incinerator at Polmadie, two of them didn’t even know they were voting in favour of an Incinerator so hadn’t even bothered to research what they were voting about. Make sure these people do not get voted in again.

James Scanlon (LABOUR) James.Scanlon@councillors.glasgow.gov.uk
Elizabeth Cameron (LABOUR) liz.cameron@councillors.glasgow.gov.uk
Stephen Curran (LABOUR) stephen.curran@councillors.glasgow.gov.uk
Glenn Elder (SNP) Glenn.Elder@councillors.glasgow.gov.uk
John Kelly (LABOUR) john.kelly2@councillors.glasgow.gov.uk
Russell Robertson (LABOUR) Russell.Robertson@councillors.glasgow.gov.uk
Paul Rooney (LABOUR) Paul.Rooney@councillors.glasgow.gov.uk
Soryia Siddique (LABOUR) Soryia.Siddique@councillors.glasgow.gov.uk
Fariha Thomas (LABOUR) Fariha.Thomas@glasgow.gov.uk
Alistair Watson (LABOUR) alistair.watson@councillors.glasgow.gov.uk
Apart from the environmental harm caused by incineration, waste incinerators pose a real danger to health. Under Scottish regulations, some of the most dangerous emissions such as heavy metals and dioxins are only measured twice a year - see Waste Incineration (Scotland) Regulations 2003: Practical Guidance: Edition 2. In June 2008 the Baldovie incinerator in Dundee was caught emitting over 100 times the legal limit for dioxins. SEPA said that this was completely unexpected. There is no safe level of dioxins, which are known to disrupt the mental and sexual development of infants and cause cancer - see interview with Dr Linda Birnbaum on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50E0eGwqPv4.&utm_source=supporter_message&utm_medium=email Whole classes of harmful chemicals are not monitored at all, such as PBDEs.
To add insult to injury Glasgow City Council are putting in a bid for the European Green Capital Award after signing us up to 25 years of inhaling dioxins.
Oh and if you own property in the area and want to sell it, you have to declare that you live next to an incinerator so if you weren’t worried about the emissions you can worry about the devaluation of your property. 
This message is from GLASGOW ALTERNATIVES TO INCINERATION - GAIN who started the petition "Withdraw Proposal to Build Incinerator at Polmadie ref 12/01631/DC by Viridor Waste Management Ltd," which you signed on Change.org.
View the petition  
If you haven't already done so, please sign the petition

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