Saturday, 16 July 2011

The War Effort

In a recent post to the renewable-energy Yahoo group, a post compared the production of aircraft during World War II with the manufacture of wind turbines in order to achieve 100% renewable energy in the US.  It is a fitting comparison since the threat from global warming is every bit as serious a threat to our way of life as Hitler was.  If only it was as visible as a line of tanks crushing everything before them as they trundled through Europe then the powers that be would be motivated to take action rather than talk around the issue.  The same media that denies global warming would support measures to tackle it for fear of being unpatriotic and thus motivate mass participation in carbon reduction programmes.

Back to the original quote:

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Population Time Bomb

It is so obvious nobody will talk seriously about it.  If the global population continues to grow at current rates, food shortages will be more common, food prices will rise steeply and there will be greater pressure on the few remaining wildernesses to be cleared for agricultural use.  The United Nations have raised their concerns with current fertility rates, indicating that fertility rates need to drop below replacement levels.

In the UK, the population is growing at its fastest rate since the post war baby boom. In recent years there have been recommendations by organisations such as the General Registrars Office in Scotland for pronatalist policies to increase fertility in order alleviate future problems of an aging population.  If developed nations, which already consume much more than their fare share of global resources can't slow down, what hope is there elsewhere?