Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Biggest Challenges

Over the past couple of I weeks I've been asking new followers what they perceive as the biggest challenges we face. There has been a spread of topics reflecting the diverse range of interests in the environment including:

  • Human stupidity/politics/corruption
  • Pollution
  • Water shortages
  • Food shortages
  • Floods & unpredictable weather
  • Global Warming
  • Population
  • Methane
  • Poor urban environments
Thanks to all of you who contributed, posts are below in acknowledgement.  If you would like to add your thoughts on the biggest challenges faced by humanity and planet earth, the please either tweet me @EcoWarriorMe or comment below.

In my opinion, there have been a couple of omissions so far: energy and poverty.  Are they too obvious, or not really that important?

Global warming, landfill toxins, water shortages, and Congress.

The biggest challenge is human stupidity. Man regularly makes horrible mistakes, from war to can't be bothered urban environments. Thanks ff

Sci&tech 2 use Earth's true potential available now, easily sustain 4X R 8 billion population. 1problem=unbridledcorpr8govmntcorruption!

Drought, unpredictable weather worldwide, disrupting global food supplies and economies; not just water, a range of ecological problems

Biggest challenge? convincing the politicians that the earth won't wait for them to stop pussy footing around about reducing co2 emisisons


 I think the biggest challenge we face is large scale water shortages as well as environmental degradation due to pollution, u?

mans greed and cruelty 2 of mine I ask 4 no quarter and expect none! Hoka Hey  

Good question. After climate change and peak oil? I'd say sustainability of food and farming...

Stormwater management... As storms become more erratic and unpredictable, America needs to understand the importance finding solutions.

too much methane

managing resources politely worldwide, cleaning our waters & ensuring polluting companies clean their environmental aftermath

Thanks for the follow. For answer, why not check out "an earth activist manifesto" on my action for the earth blog

Sunday, 4 September 2011

What one thing could you do to save the planet?

Why is it so hard to get people motivated on climate change?

When it came to the hole in the ozone layer, people stopped buying deodorant with CFCs, manufacturers changed to less harmful propellants, international agreements were signed and now the chemicals most detrimental to atmospheric ozone have been effectively consigned to the history books.  By stopping CFCs entering the atmosphere, further increases in the size of the ozone hole are prevented, the atmospheric CFCs are relatively short lived and the results can be measured.

When out became apparent that the trade in ivory posed a very real threat to the survival of elephants and rhinoceros, campaigns to end the trade led to formation of CITES and a significant international effort to prevent poaching. It is still not a perfect system but out has made a significant difference and there is a much greater awareness of the consequence of buying produce derived from endangered species. By reducing demand through education and increasing the difficulty of obtaining ivory through protection measures, the number of animals needlessly killed has reduced. Again, this can be easily measured and the results correlated with the action.

But climate change is a different class of problem. The causes are pervasive, the solutions opaque and, due to time lags inherent in the system, the results of our actions will not be measurable for decades. It may even fall into that particular class of problems that have no solution; I sincerely hope not.