Saturday, 30 April 2011

Climate Change Myths: Anthropomorphic Global Warming doesn't exist

The Great Climate Change Conspiracy

Ice caps and glaciers have been growing and shrinking for millennia but relatively modern accessibility to these regions combined with satellite images is able to give the impression of unprecedented changes at alarming rates with dire consequences for mankind; however the there is an insufficient historical baseline from which to draw such conclusions.  The images make sensational climate change porn but not a sound basis in science.  There was a well documented mini ice age which affected Europe between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, with the River Thames freezing over.  This period arrived over a few decades from a preceding period of warmer weather (thMedieval Warm Periodclearly illustrating that climate does not remain constant but constantly shifts over a few generations, a trend that continues.

'The Frozen Thames'', 1677. Original painting in the collection of the Museum of London. Artist not known.

The evidence that changes are happening in certain parts of the world is strong but that it is manmade may be less certain, and locations with more rapid change can be matched with places with less change.

For more see the CO2 Science site.

But does it really matter?

Not really. Fossil fuels are finite and whether peak oil has passed, is years or even decades away, they will run down and become more expensive to extract.  There is a compelling argument to reduce the amount of energy we use to prolong the time before scarcity sets in and to save ourselves some money on the way.

By improving the energy efficiency of our homes we can save ove £200 per year on utility bills, and my making some lifestyle changes we can save even more.

And replacing appliances and cars with more efficient models will save even more.

 If the whole climate change thing is a turn off, think of it in purely financial terms.

I am not a climatologist and therefore not qualified to evaluate the thousands of  pieces of research on climate change, however, personally, I am sceptical of the sceptics.

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