Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Time to End Tiger Farming

Chinese Tiger Farm

China is allowing people to ‘farm’ tigers in ‘battery hen’ like conditions and to trade their skins and body parts. I find this totally unacceptable and have signed the petition at www.bantigertrade.com which is part of the TigerTime campaign. www.tigertime.info.

The TigerTime team have just shared some pictures of these farms with me – there are more at http://www.tigertime.info/tigerfarm.html.

If you are as appalled by these as I was, please sign up at www.bantigertrade.com. The TigerTime team are making great progress in their fight to have these ‘farms’ banned. Already, 11,900 people have signed their petition. Stephen Fry has ‘tweeted’ his support and Sam Fox has challenged our own Government about the issue on BBC Daily Politics at http://www.tigertime.info/tiger-blog.php?entry_id=1322497183 . As a result, she has secured a meeting with the Foreign Office Minister in December.

The ‘farms’ are barbaric. Not only that, they, and the trade they support, provide a perfect smokescreen for people to continue to kill wild tigers.

Our call is simple. There should be a complete ban and zero tolerance approach to ALL trade of ANY kind in ANY body parts from tigers and other Asian big cats. We could be the last generation to save the wild tiger…………..…please help…..

Hungry tigers in Chinese tiger farm
Caged farm tigers being fed minimally

"Signing this petition will help us to put real pressure on the Chinese Government. The more people that sign, the more chance that they will listen. Please do this now, to prevent the loss of the last 3200 tigers that are left in the wild"

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