Monday, 16 July 2012

Tell Shell

You can save the Arctic

Tell Shell that you don't want them drilling for oil in the Arctic. It is one of the least spoiled places on earth but Shell want to explore for oil.

Climate change is more rapid in the Arctic than almost any where else on the planet, leading to greater areas of the Arctic Ocean being ice free than ever before in the history of oil exploration. This makes oil exploration easier, an opportunity that Shell are keen to exploit.

But picture this: if a leak or spill occurs as the ocean begins to freeze over for the winter, there are no tools or methods available to contain and recover the oil. Floating booms won't work. Detergents won't work (and can cause damage themselves). The oil will be locked in the ice, travelling around the ocean until it melts next year, depositing a filthy slick

And forget the picture post card images from Frozen Planet. It isn't all sunshine and blue skies. In the event that something goes wrong during a fierce polar storm, any rescue mission would be delayed for days or weeks until it abates.

Today, Greenpeace has taken direct action to close Shell forecourts in Edinburgh and London to highlight the issue.

But don't go to a BP filing station instead: they have not covered themselves in glory between the DeepWater Horizon incident there are the Canadian Tar Sands and their own attempts at exploration in the Arctic, although they are the official Sustainability Partner for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Or Esso, part of the Exxon group, which is infamous for its Valdez oil spill off the Alaskan coast, the largest spill ever until DeepWater Horizon, its significant contributions to the discredited Heartland Institute and unashamed support of Fracking.

That doesn't leave much choice, other than getting off our addiction to the black stuff.

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  1. Unfortunately, the bottom dollar still rules. They talk about being environmentally responsible but rather than invest their time and money in green, sustainable fuel, they continue to go after oil. So yes, the way we fight them is to talk with our dollars and boycott them. It doesn't leave us with many choices but maybe that's the push we need to let the gas-powered cars sit and opt for Eco-friendly modes of transportation.